Pricing & Refund Policy

Voucher Pricing

The pricing of the voucher includes the fees, taxes and processing fees charged by the State of Florida, the Escambia County Tax Collector and the Pensacola Bama Club. The cost is broken down as follows:

  • $25.00 - Speciality License Plate Fee

  • $5.00 - Processing Fee

  • $3.00 - Service/Branch Transaction Fee 

  • $1.50 - Pensacola Bama Club Transaction Fee


TOTAL COST = $34.50

Refund Policy

At the end of the 2-year period, if the Pensacola Bama Club has not met the 4,000 pre-sale vouchers for the University of Alabama tag, the department will discontinue the specialty license plate voucher and it will no longer be available for sale.


If this happens, customers that purchased the voucher can use the credit toward another specialty license plate or request a refund from the DHSMV using HSMV Form 83363. Please note that ONLY the $25.00 portion of the fee paid will be refunded or credited.