Pensacola Bama Club is proud to serve as the coordinating entity for presale vouchers across the State of Florida. To make this process as easy as possible, the club partnered with the Escambia County, Florida Tax Collector to offer this secure online platform for purchasing your voucher(s) statewide!

By purchasing your voucher now, you reserve the right to be one of the first to exchange your voucher for the specialty plate at your local tag office once the plates are produced and distributed. You may even purchase a voucher for another person or multiple vouchers for your company’s fleet of vehicles. Please be aware that only one voucher may be purchased per transaction. Vouchers typically take 10 business days for processing from purchase to completion. However, they may take longer due to holidays or other circumstances.

Once the 4,000-voucher presale requirement is met, you will be able to exchange your voucher for the specialty plate with any of the Tax Collector offices in Florida’s 67 counties. Simply provide your driver’s license and the tag agent will do the rest! 

You may wait until your designated renewal month or exchange immediately for an additional fee.  Please call or visit your local tag office’s website for information. 

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